Cross browser plugin post-production support

We know that the project after deployment needs support in order to avoid some unexpected issues. That’s why we have an experienced QA team, which is ready to support any browser plugin of any level of complexity. We are ensuring our customer’s plugin is optimized to deliver the highest level of performance and that end-users are working with the most stable product. Even if your Cross browser plugin supports all existing browsers, we will proactively monitor the compatibility of your project will all new browser versions and so heads off issues to ensure production continuity for our clients. This is particularly important if after your plugin is deployed, developer leaves you one on one with end-users and all issues reports without any support.

Thanks to our great experience in developing and supporting cross browser plugins, we can not only fix the problems connect with new browser versions and 3rd party web-sites layout changes compatibility but also prevent compatibility issues by testing your plugin with early beta versions of supported browsers. After that, you will get not only issues report but we will also provide you with solutions to the compatibility issues and valuable suggestions that well help you to improve the stability of your plugin. After your approval, all fixes will be implemented to your plugin in the shortest time.

Such a high level of support we are making thanks to our streamlined and flexible test system, which is suitable for any plugin and will meet even the highest customer requirements. It includes the work of well-adjusted QA team that will not pass any errors in the testing process and large server capacity capable of simultaneously perform hundreds of different tests.

Qualified QA team ascertained that all the functionality of your cross browser plugin works correctly so end users will not face any issues while using you plugin.

Personal managers will contact you in time to discuss testing report results and will offer you the possible solutions of the issues.

Skilled developers will implement approved by the customer changes in no time leaving no chance to any issues to spoil end-user experience of your plugin.

Relying on us in development and post-production support you can be confident, that you will not encounter any unexpected stability issues and all changes and improvements will be completed with minimal risk.

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