Increase Online Cashback ARPU X5

In 1st quarter of 2014, analytic researches show that Cashback companies on average have 20-30% untapped revenue potential with their existing users. How to convert this potential into revenue? To answer that question, we did further analysis on the Cashback market and identified trends in the project development that will lead to ARPU increase.

Improve Plugin Stability

Every time end-user faces some issues with extension usage that leads to revenue loss. That is why it is very important not to end the support of the extension after it is developed. Layout changes on store sites or new browser versions may lead to compatibility issues. Due to our experience in post-production supporting of many projects, we know that regular testing is the best way to guarantee the stability of any extension. This process starts from new browser versions monitoring and testing of all the features of your plugin and with every iteration we are ensuring our customers plugin is optimized to deliver the highest level of performance. This will heads off all compatibility issues for end-users and you can be sure that if user is ready to make a purchase he will be able to do that.

Cashback Mobile App

mobile ipad 2 preview

Quick Facts:

  • Tablet Devices Account for Over 40% of mobile traffic to e-commerce sites
  • Tablet Shoppers spend 50% more money than smartphone users and 20% more than PC shoppers

According latest researches on average tablet shoppers spend 50% more money than smartphone users and 20% more than PC shoppers. That’s why it is important in order to increase the ARPU to have a mobile app that allows your users to make online purchases through your Cashback affiliated merchants. Our technology allows to create an iPad app that puts shopping at user’s fingertips. The app keeps the same shopping experience as user would have by simply going online through a browser, with one big difference – it automatically enables your affiliate link, earning the cashback.


Revenue driving features

cashback menuAlong with other ways of increasing ARPU there are many features that can push the user to make purchase or help him to make the decision removing the need for guesswork. Last- click Notification, Promoted merchants and deals, Price comparison, Coupons auto-apply are striking examples of such features. Adding these ones to your extension will make it more user-friendly and in a few steps will lead the customer to make a purchase.

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