Killer Features of Cashback Plugins in 2015

Cashback market is always expanding, adding a lot of new features to extensions, which in varying degrees affect the revenue. That’s why nowadays it’s very hard to impress and attract the end user with huge amount of features in your extension.So what is it that can really attract users? Collecting many different reviews we concluded, that at the current pace of life there are two important things for users when using cashback:

  • application should always be at hand
  • the process of finding great deals and buying process should not be time-consuming

In this article, we consider possible options for achieving user needs, mentioned above.

Your Own Cashback Browser

strontiumHave you ever thought that all the benefits of cash-back plugin can be combined in one custom browser, in which all necessary setting will be preset?
We created a new tool that allows to quickly develop custom browsers based on a Chromium open source browser. It provides a range of branding and customization options and you retain the full control over the browser’s functionality throughout the development process.
With Strontium you can brand Chromium with your own icon, name, description. You can also set it to use your search engine as a default search engine and preset all extensions you want that cannot be deleted by users or 3rd party tools. And since it is your own browser, you’re not tied by policies of 3rd party browser add-on galleries. That means no extension or toolbar installation, no affiliate links stealing, no advertising restrictions.

Mobile Cashback App

mobile ipad 2 previewNowadays the mobile devices take more and more important role in online e-commerce. The figures say thattablet devices account for over 40% of mobile traffic to e-commerce sites. That’s why it is important for you to have a mobile app that allows your users to make online purchases through your Cashback affiliated merchants.
Our technology allows creating a mobile app that puts shopping at user’s fingertips. The app keeps the same shopping experience as user would have by simply going online through a browser, with one big difference – it automatically enables your affiliate link, earning the cashback. That means 3rd party extensions will no longer steal users from you. All in all your cashback mobile app will become a one-stop shop for all online purchases your users make from mobile devices.

Coupons Auto-Apply

coupons autoapply progressCoupon browser add-on typically notifies consumers about all available coupon codes for the site they are browsing. This places the burden of action on the consumer to browse through the available offers and choose the best coupon from those presented. In some cases, the shopper will be offered more than a dozen available coupons before being prompted to make their selection.
Browser add-ons that help the consumer to make the decision are increasingly finding favor. Significantly, the kind of add-on that is rapidly becoming popular takes the work out of the comparison process for the shopper. In fact, the add-on itself decides which coupon provides the best discount and then automatically applies it, providing notable time saving benefits to the shopper and removing the need for guesswork.


Promoted merchants

cashback menuAdd-on menu is a great way to inform your users about your top promoted merchants in a non-interfering anduser-friendly way and to reduce the search time of advantageous offers to minimum. This feature really saves the time for your users and is available for at one click of a button. Your users won’t need to open your website to look for merchants, and can access them at any moment of their browsing experience.

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