Top 10 Cashback Plugin Features that Affect Revenue

We’ve compiled a list of features in cashback browser plugins that affect revenue. Check out this list to make sure you’re not missing an important feature in your browser plugin:

1. Cashback notifications

cashback sliderNotification slider is the number one feature for any cashback/coupon add-on, as it makes sure your user never forgets to use your affiliate link when making purchases online.
Live cashback notifications remind your users that they will get cashback at the exact time they visit the merchant website, and enable your affiliate link with just a click of a button.
Notification slider it is always noticed by users, and at the same time it is not intrusive into user experience and brings next to zero negative reaction from users. This is reached by displaying the notification at the exact moment when user needs it: at the moment of browsing your affiliated merchant’s website.

2. Cross-Browser Support

Browser Market Share (Feb 2014):

  • Chrome – 43.44%
  • IE – 23.78%
  • Firefox – 20.95%
  • Safari – 9.96%


Several years ago when Internet Explorer owned above 80% of the browser market you could support just this browser in your plugin, and cover the vast majority of potential audience. Now the things have changed, with four main browsers being on the stage, sharing the market more or less evenly. In such circumstances it is important launch your plugin on all the 4 browsers to make sure that you cover entire possible audience, and get the most revenue from your users. Developing for all the 4 browsers, and supporting 4 different browser plugins can be a major burden for a Company not specializing in browser development.
Luckily, our technology not only allows to rapidly develop your plugin for all the major browsers, but we also keep track of all the recent changes in browsers, and update our technology to support them. Our Addons Framework platform, which we use in development of cashback browser plugins, is a perfect choice for your company to rapidly launch cashback plugins that cover all of the browser audience, and to continuously maintain your plugin compatible with all new trends in ever-changing browsers.

3. SERP Injections

cashback serp

There’re billions of web searches conducted every month. Our solution ensures that your users won’t miss your affiliated merchant as they search for online shops on the web. SERP injection displays your icon next to relevant listing on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, BING.

This immediately alerts user that they can get cashback from your company by purchasing on these sites, making the users prone to shopping through your affiliated merchants, rather than through some other websites. And more purchases made through your merchants means more commission from your affiliated networks.

4. Coupons Autoapply

coupons autoapply progress

The customary coupon browser add-on typically notifies consumers about any and all available coupon codes for the site they are browsing. This places the burden of action on the consumer to browse through the available offers and choose the best coupon from those presented. In some cases, the shopper will be offered more than a dozen available coupons before being prompted to make their selection. As a result, the consumers sometimes do not care about checking for the best coupon when shopping online, losing the opportunity to get a higher discount for the product, and online coupon website owners losing the potential commission they could get from that purchase.

This situation is changed when you add the Coupons Autoapplying to your browser add-on. This feature lets the add-on to automatically find the best coupon available telling how much of a discount he or she will get. This requires only one click of a button from user, and is done in three simple steps:

Quick Facts:


  • Finds and applies the best coupon with minimal user interaction
  • Increases the number of used coupons by up to 50%
  • Extremely easily integrates into existing plugins
  • Supports hundreds of merchants sites, and increasing

1. Add-on adds a button on the checkout page, next to the field where promo codes should be entered. The user just needs to click that button, and add-on will do the rest.

2. While the user is resting, add-on applies all the available coupons one by one, to determine which one gives the highest discount.

3. When the best coupon is found, add-on applies it, and tells user how much he/she will save with this coupon. The user just needs to click “finish”, and may proceed with checkout.

Our technology makes it super-easy to use coupons for your users, resulting in more used coupons and more commissions from your affiliate partners. Also, Coupon Autoapply feature is easy to integrate with existing coupon/cashback browser add-ons, and requires almost zero modifications from your API side.

5. Price Comparison

price comparison slider

Price comparison is a great addition to the basic functionality of your cashback browser add-on. Whether the user intentionally looks for some products in online shops, or just randomly browses Amazon, the plugin will keep looking for better deals, and offer to user the same product at other shops at lower prices. This will prompt a hesitant user to make the purchase, giving you the commission you would not otherwise get if the purchase had not been made.

Your users will love the valuable suggestions the price comparison features gives at the moment of purchase, and many people install browser plugins only to get the price comparison feature. If you add this feature to your plugin, a potential customer who is making choice between your cashback plugin and your competitor’s will choose yours for sure.

Quick Facts:

  • Prompts users to make more purchases
  • Engages customers who are hesitant to purchase

6. Detecting Affiliate Link Hijacking

There’re more and more online cashback companies appear on the market. And more and more cashback browser add-ons are exposed to users. Your user may have installed 2 or 3 different cashback add-ons at the same time.

It’s not a secret that these add-ons may conflict with yours, and set their own links at your affiliated merchants websites, which leads to you losing commission from that user and reducing your potential revenue.

In some cases, moving to other company’s cashback add-on may be user’s deliberate decision, and you can’t do much but respect it. But in many cases your loyal user may have some 3rd-party add-ons installed by accident, and these add-ons may be hijacking the affiliate links, taking commission from both you and your loyal customer.

We have developed a solution, which can detect your affiliate link hijacking, and warn user about it. If user did not mean to use somebody else’s plugin, he or she has an option to override that plugin’s affiliate link back to yours, and still receive your cashback.

7. Single All-Browser Installer

While you can deploy your add-ons to official browser web stores, we can build a single installer which makes distribution of your add-on even easier. Our research has shown that a single silent installer increases both user take up levels and user engagement with your coupons.

With a single silent installer, the user runs a single .exe file to install the add-on across all major browser platforms (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) available on the user’s computer. Zero interaction is required by the user.

Having the silent single installer, you can bundle it with some third party software to distribute the add-on.

8. Sidebar

notification sidebar

Sidebar is displayed on the right or left side of the page. It can open up automatically on your affiliated merchant’s pages, or on demand, when user clicks a button injected to right or left side of the page. Compared to the other ways of notifying users, it has the most of real-estate you can use to display such info as available deals, coupons. You can also promote other merchants and display price comparison offers on the sidebar.

9. Plugin Menu

cashback menuPlugin menu is a convenient and user-friendly way to access such user-related information as their current cashback account balance. With this feature your users don’t need to go to secure area of your website to view their profile. Instead they can click just one button, and see how much of a cashback they already have on their account. This feature is not just fun to use as it lets you see how your account balance grows, the plugin menu is a valuable real-estate that you can use to display your promoted merchants or deals in a non-intrusive way, when user is checking for their account balance.

10. Flashing Plugin Icon

notification ebates icon

A cashback extension may add an icon next to browser’s URL field. In some cases cashback plugins utilize this button in order to attract user’s attention when cashback is available. The button may flash when cashback is available. Just as the triangular corner notifications, this is a very non-invasive way to notify your users, so it may be preferred by the users who do not like browser plugins to intrude into their browsing experience too much. You also can use this notification method in conjunction with the other ones, to attract user’s attention even more.

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