Top 5 Revenue Driving Cashback Plugin Features

There are many features for cash back plugins, which can affect the number of users. We reviewed the experience of many our cash back clients and combined features the implementation of which leads to maximum profit growth and to user’s loyalty increase. Let’s review what these features are:

Just in Time Notifications

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Often users complain about plugins because they spam with notifications. That’s why it is very important to cashback plugin only works when user is on the online-shop webpage or use search engines to find stores and products. Otherwise, it will only disturb user and it will lead to deinstallation of your plugin as well as to commission loss.

Due to our experience in cash back plugins development we optimized the notifications algorithm so user will never get it if not needed. This greatly increase the loyalty of users and as a result more cash back transactions, more profit.


Cross-browser support

Browser Market Share (Feb 2014):

  • Chrome – 43.44%
  • IE – 23.78%
  • Firefox – 20.95%
  • Safari – 9.96%


Several years ago when Internet Explorer owned above 80% of the browser market you could support just this browser in your plugin, and cover the vast majority of potential audience. Now the things have changed, with four main browsers being on the stage, sharing the market more or less evenly. In such circumstances it is important launch your plugin on all the 4 browsers to make sure that you cover entire possible audience, and get the most revenue from your users. Developing for all the 4 browsers, and supporting 4 different browser plugins can be a major burden for a Company not specializing in browser development.
Luckily, our technology not only allows to rapidly develop your plugin for all the major browsers, but we also keep track of all the recent changes in browsers, and update our technology to support them. Our Addons Framework platform, which we use in development of cashback browser plugins, is a perfect choice for your company to rapidly launch cashback plugins that cover all of the browser audience, and to continuously maintain your plugin compatible with all new trends in ever-changing browsers.


price comparison slider

Price comparison is a great feature to every cashback browser add-on. Whether the user intentionally looks for some products in online shops, or just randomly browses Ebay, the plugin will keep looking for better deals, and offer to user the same product at lower prices at other shops. This will push users to make the purchase, giving you additional commission, because he will know that does not overpay.

Your users will love the valuable suggestions the price comparison features gives at the moment of purchase, and many people install browser plugins only to get the price comparison feature. If you add this feature to your plugin, a potential customer who is making choice between your cashback plugin and your competitor’s will choose yours for sure.

Last Click Notification

It’s not a rare situation when in the user’s browser installed many cashback plugins at once. In this case, at the moment when user purchase product, affiliate link may work to another company without any notification, and you won’t get your commission for that purchase.

To avoid this you need to add last click notification feature to your cashback extension. Let’s see how it works. When user comes to merchant’s site, the extension starts watching to which domain user gets redirected from the merchant’s site. If it finds a 3rd party affiliate link in redirection chain it shows a notification warning user that cashback may have been lost, prompting to click on the slider once again to enable your affiliate link.

Plugin Stability Testing

A cashback extension may add an icon next to browser’s URL field. In some cases cashback plugins utilize this button in order to attract user’s attention when cashback is available. The button may flash when cashback is available. Just as the triangular corner notifications, this is a very non-invasive way to notify your users, so it may be preferred by the users who do not like browser plugins to intrude into their browsing experience too much. You also can use this notification method in conjunction with the other ones, to attract user’s attention even more.

The technology we’re using is proved to be extremely reliable and stable across all the major browsers, and is used by dozens of top-players on cashback market.

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