Top 6 Cashback Plugin Improvement Trends

As you may be looking for the ways to improve your cashback browser plugin, we’ve put together a list of the features which may significantly improve your existing cashback browser plugin.

1. Adding Cross-Browser Compatibility to Your Plugin

A few years ago (January 2009) there was only one browser, which dominated over more than 70% of the market share. Cashback Browser add-on developers could support only Internet Explorer, and cover 70% of the potential audience.
Things have changed greatly since then, now there are several major players on the market with more or less equal shares, so now in order to cover more than 70% of audience and increase the potential number of purchases, cashback browser add-on developers have to support at least Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

2.Making Cashback Plugins Webstore-Ready

As the browser companies compete for their market share, they’re constantly making the rules of the game more and more strict for the browser extension developers. For example, in Summer 2013 Mozilla announced that they will remove support of toolbar user interface from browser plugins for Firefox (though they seem to have postponed their decision later). In Fall 2013 Google consequently made two major announcements: at first they removed support of NPAPI technology from Chrome plugins, then they prohibited installation of Chrome plugins from anywhere but the Google Webstore.
In this ever-changing environment it is extremely important to keep track of all these changes from browser companies, to bring the plugin on the market at the shortest time, and complying to all the policies of browser companies. Our huge experience in browser plugins development is what makes sure your cashback browser plugin will hit the market just in time for holiday season or any other event you’re targeting at, and will smoothly pass the webstore approval process.

3. Cashback Plugin Goes Mobile

Top 6 Cashback Plugin Improvement Trends

Nowadays the mobile devices take more and more important role in online e-commerce. The figures say that tablet devices account for over 40% of mobile traffic to e-commerce sites. That’s why it is important for you to have a mobile app that allows your users to make online purchases through your Cashback affiliated merchants.
Our technology allows creating a mobile app that puts shopping at user’s fingertips. The app keeps the same shopping experience as user would have by simply going online through a browser, with one big difference – it automatically enables your affiliate link, earning the cashback. That means 3rd party extensions will no longer steal users from you. All in all your cashback mobile app will become a one-stop shop for all online purchases your users make from mobile devices.

4. Cashback Toolbars Transforming to Cashback Buttons

Recently the toolbars were very popular, and still there are many companies who use toolbars to get their share of real-estate in user’s browsers. However, now users are becoming less willing to install toolbars, and prefer a convenient, non-invasive extension button, to a bulky toolbar. There are still cashback and coupon companies on the market that successfully utilize toolbars, like and RetailBenefits, but small and handy cashback button user interfaces, like one from are more and more often becoming the choice of cashback customers.

5. Browser Extension Stability

Most cashback users are not tech geeks, and are not ready to put up with a browser plugin which is crashing their browser, or not working correctly, even though other plugin’s functionality may be very useful. It is very important to make sure your browser plugin is very well tested, and is very stable, before you release it to tens of thousands of your audience, as every bug means waves of plugin deinstallations and loss of revenue to your company. The technology we’re using is proved to be extremely reliable and stable across all the major browsers, and is used by dozens of top-players on cashback market.

6. After-Purchase Confirmation Reports

There’s a known problem of missed commissions in the affiliate marketing field. The user’s cashback sometimes does not get tracked although the purchase has been made, and whatever the reason for this was, the user who did not get cashback will not recommend the service to their friends. In order to help this situation, you can implement the after-purchase confirmation reports. This feature asks the user to click an additional button on the checkout page to confirm the purchase. After this, the extension gathers all the purchase-related information and sends to your database, so that you can later use it to get commission from affiliate merchant. Although this feature makes the purchase process less smooth for users by adding additional actions, it will significantly increase user satisfaction and reduce the amount of lost commission and the number of calls to your support. This feature can also be enabled only for the particular merchants with which you know you have issues with tracking purchases, so the users will only need to perform that extra step with the merchants, or in the cases which are known for higher risk of not tracking the purchase.

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