Top 6 Ways To Notify Your Users About Cashback

There’re several ways used in cashback browser plugins to notify user that cashback is available for a particular merchant. Let’s review the most popular of these.

Small Notification Button in the Screen Corner

notification igive buttonThis way of notifying users is used, for example, by iGive. Instead of displaying a large notification slider at top of the webpage, they display a small triangular notification in the bottom corner of the screen. This notification takes less page, and may be preferred by users who do not like large sliders in their field of view.

Full-width notification slider

cashback sliderIt’s one of the most effective and thus widely used ways to notify user about the available cashback. The notification slider appears when user visits your affiliated merchant’s page, and is displayed at the top of the web page, taking full width from left to right. It’s easily noticeable, and there’s a plenty of space on the slider, which you can use to display a message to user, or show additional information like available deals and coupons.

Narrow Notification Slider

notification narrow sliderIt’s very close to full-width notification slider, but instead of taking the full width of the screen, it takes only a part of it, making a more nice and lean appearance, so it may be more appealing to users who do not like plugins to intrude into their browsing experience too much, while at the same time the notification is still noticeable enough to make sure that each of your plugins users will not forget to use your cashback.


notification sidebar

Sidebar is displayed on the right or left side of the page. It can open up automatically on your affiliated merchant’s pages, or on demand, when user clicks a button injected to right or left side of the page. Compared to the other ways of notifying users, it has the most of real-estate you can use to display such info as available deals, coupons. You can also promote other merchants and display price comparison offers on the sidebar.

Flashing Plugin Icon

notification ebates iconA cashback extension may add an icon next to browser’s URL field. In some cases cashback plugins utilize this button in order to attract user’s attention when cashback is available. The button may flash when cashback is available. Just as the triangular corner notifications, this is a very non-invasive way to notify your users, so it may be preferred by the users who do not like browser plugins to intrude into their browsing experience too much. You also can use this notification method in conjunction with the other ones, to attract user’s attention even more.

SERP Injection

cashback serpThis is a very effective notification method. On the contrary to the other methods reviewed in this article, this notification does not appear when user is on a merchant’s webpage. SERP Injection looks for your affiliated merchants on search engine results page in Google, Yahoo, BING, and highlights them when they’re available in search engine’s output. Usually, highlighting is done by placing your icon next to the link to merchant’s webpage, and displaying besides it a message, telling how much of cashback the user can receive from that merchant. This method is very effective, as it makes sure that user chooses your merchant’s website, when searching for products on Google. It completes the other methods while working in conjunction with them.

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