Support overview

Support overview

Besttoolbars’s support can help you quickly solve any technical problems that you may face during implementation or after the solution is deployed. With advanced support packages, we will also proactively monitor your solution to avoid any inconsistencies as well as provide you with updated versions rebuilt by us, in order to guarantee maximum stability of your solution.

Support & Maintenance benefits

  • E-mail, phone and forum supportPick the support plan that best matches your business model. We offer several support plans that will fit your needs no matter how complex your solution is.
  • Online documentation and FAQWe continuously maintain knowledge base containing a growing library of questions and accurate answers relating to all products. Online access to FAQ and Documentation is provided with all support packages.
  • Developer NetworkYour development team can access our development network resources to share ideas and pick up useful code samples and templates. The Developer Network at Bestoolbars is your online gateway to the most up-to date content on extending toolbar solutions and scripting.
  • Emergency fixes and escalationWith advanced support packages we provide emergency fixes. These fixes go immediately to our product department, where they will issue a patch solving the particular problem with highest priority and within a minimal timeframe. Priority issue escalation means your product requirements will be considered and included in new versions with higher priority, guaranteeing that you’ll get them sooner.
  • Remote troubleshootingMost problems are better solved by an expert who can sit next to you, fixing those problems for you. Thanks to the current state-of-the-art technologies for desktop sharing, you can now benefit from the same solution with our technology experts remotely accessing your system and troubleshooting any inconsistencies in real time.
  • Best practices gained from field experience (solution synergy)With more than 7000 corporate customers worldwide, we have found that as our team supports your custom configuration, we can offer unique synergy by integrating third-party services, making toolbar solutions even more valuable to your enterprise.
  • Professional Services With advanced support plans, we offer professional service hours. Our experts will help clients maintain market requirements and compliance with existing standards. These services include assistance with rebuilding and customizations, deployment, implementation, optimization, and training.
  • Updates subscription As new features are added to our platform or new services are integrated, you’ll get detailed information on how to get them ready and implemented for your existent toolbar solution. With advanced support packages, our Professional Services Team will recommend practical application templates and configuration scripts.
  • Industry trends radarOur analytical team is constantly monitoring new trends in browser and desktop application markets. With advanced support packages we will provide you with exclusive offers for expanding toolbar solution value beyond original deployment.
  • Early compatibility testingEstablished technology partnerships with browser and operating system vendors allow us to verify compliance with new versions and patches, guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation of each toolbar solution.


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