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I’d like to mention one thing that we’ve invested for Android and I think you will be impressed!

As you may know, typical browser is more convenient for internet surfing than a 3d party application. However, we found a solution on how to motivate users to surf with the help of your app instead of standard browser.

Once user lands on merchant’s web page we get this event and show for him a window with notification. This notification reminds him about the opportunity to get cashback with the help of the app. As user agrees to get cashback he can continuing surfing right inside application.
That helps users to remember about app and perform mobile shopping within help of your E Commerce system or other system  🙂

Gif on how it can be done to attract attention.

Android Animate Button

You can find small trial screencast of the feature by links below:

Redirect to the store screen in the app (sample project)

Redirect to the web page in the app by deeplinking (sample project)

I need to remind that it is a new feature and your competitors don’t have this yet. Moreover, we can customize it.

Of course, we have a range of other advanced features for improvement of the mobile app as well.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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