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We offer to substantially expand your extension’s functionality. Get in direct touch with your clients! Communicate with them, answer their questions, send them your messages about your new deals and make opinion polls. All this in a real time mode!

What do we offer?

We offer the functionality that would allow you to get the functionality of a marketing consultant:

  • to communicate with your clients in real time;
  • to run on-line analysis your users behavior;
  • to involve your users into buying;
  • to obtain statistics in order to improve selling rate of your extension;
  • to increase your clients trust level;
  • to increase your application’s conversion
  • to obtain a working tool for your management consulting.

How does our solution differentiate from others?

  • we offer to develop a custom-made solution for you, not the set of unneeded functions;
  • all database information will be stored on your dedicated servers, not somewhere else where it might be peeked through by someone;
  • all you need to pay for is the custom solution product development, i.e. there are no monthly subscription fees, this product will be your legal property, no need to hire someone for online jobs;
  • your clients are in touch with you all the time, but not only when they visit certain web-pages.

What exact solutions do we offer to you?



Start a chat with your customer. Just ignite the customers interest, answer any possible questions.

Tags and icons of the dialogue window can be either located in a popup window and available only when it is open and available only when it is open (picture #1), or they are located set constantly – i. e. fixed in any part of the browser window and will be available at any given moment (picture #2)


Your consultants and sales person get the working tool which let them track the visitor’s behavior on your web-site, look through their visits history, to lead dialogues with them and many other things. You will benefit from the data analysis your marketing consultants gather and come to important conclusions for management consulting. This will help you increase the selling power of your solution.


You have urgent news for your clients and you want to deliver it to them? Now you can do it easily!

Use the special feature of your extension – notification system. Type in the text of your message and send it to your clients. They will get it when you want it them to get – either when they open the extension’s window (picture #3), or immediately (picture #4)

management consulting


Suppose you have a question and you obviously want to know what your client answer to it. The usual way – you may hire someone to do this important online job or hire your in-house specialist.

Use this new feature – your clients’ opinion polls system (picture #5). Your application will gather the answers by itself and provides you with the poll results online. Job is done. All you need to do is to draw your conclusions that will increase your product’s conversion.

What we offer is the custom-made solution for your business. No hidden  subscription fees or monthly payments plans. You get your own service solution into possession. Your service solution which is taking into account all the peculiarities precisely your business model. The one that brings the maximum efficiency for you…

notifications pop up message

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