Cross Browser Extension Framework

Cross Browser Extension Development

Extensions, also known as add-ons, are small pieces of software that improve the user experience on website by adding enhanced features and functionality to the browser. Add-ons may also refer to plugins, toolbars, and extensions. Besttoolbars provides framework to build add-ons for all browsers as well as add-on development cross browser services. Our framework is built for any type of solution whether your company needs to develop an entirely new feature or modify existing functionality. Bestoolbars developers have worked closely with online enterprises, ecommerce, search engines, communication services, and email clients to build cross-compatible add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Besttoolbars Add-on Framework is a framework that allows you to create cross-browser extensions for all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer Safari, and Opera. Build cross browser extensions for all browsers with our extension framework or contact Besttoolbars custom browser extension experts develop them for you at an affordable price.

Cross Browser Extension Development

Types of Add-ons Built with Besttoolbars Framework:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Service Apps
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Download Multimedia
  • Language Support
  • Retain Customers
  • Market Research
  • Search Support
  • Video Support
  • RSS Feed
cross browser extensions framework


Cross-browser API

The same API requests are available for all browsers. Use unified requests to create code that works seamlessly no matter which browser your readers use.

Cross-domain requests

Request from a script located on one domain to a page or a script located on another domain. You can run your script within the page the user is browsing right now.

Content scripts

Content scripts are JavaScript files that run in the context of web pages. They can read details of the web pages the browser visits, or make changes to them.

Background scripts

A background script is a long-running script. It’s an HTML page that runs in the extensions process. It exists for the lifetime of your extension, and only one instance of it is active at a time.


Ability to auto-update extensions. Update your extension on your server and it will be updated on the user side.

cross browser extension development

Badges on button

Add badges to your extension on the browser toolbar. The badge can be dynamically updated. For example, you can add any kind of counter.


Open a popup window over the current window with custom content.

Buttons on toolbar

You can add custom buttons to browser toolbar to control your extension’s behavior. For example, add a button to open or close the toolbar.

Why Download Besttoolbars Extension Framework?

Faster Delivery

Reduce your development cross browser time by writing one piece of code that works in all browsers and using common languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Lower Cost

Due to our cross-compatible technology, our developers spend less time making your plug-in, which results in lower costs for both parties.

Speed Changes

You don’t need to write 5 different snippets of code to make any changes. Write just one to make change to all browsers all at once.

Improved Compatability / Version Control

Our framework supports all major browsers and all future versions of browsers. You don’t need to rewrite the code to support new versions.

Add-on Framework

Add-on Framework allows you to create cross browser add-ons for all major browsers: Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera


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