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We have developed customizable software for you to collect and analyze data on the huge database of LinkedIn. The options are multiple including a server on our side, or on your side. Request a quote

cross browserThe software works through the Web interface, or via the toolbar in all major browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), or through the extension for these browsers. LinkedIn theme change is also available.

Our highly specialized team has more than 15 years of experience in this demanding field and can build solutions than cover even the most advanced needs. Our selective clientele includes, but is not limited to: enterprise sales and support, search engines, fundraising companies, VoIP providers, affiliate networks, e-commerce and more. Take advantage of all the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer by choosing Besttoolbars as your partner.

Contact us today to discuss the details and order your tailor-made solution, your LinkedIn tools. It will be our pleasure.

LinkedIn History

linkedin toolsSocial Media networks play an important role in our personal and professional life nowadays. Out of the 7.395 billion people worldwide, 2.307 billion are active Social Media users.

The penetration of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is huge and increasing over time. Wherever we go we see people surfing on the internet through their mobile devices. The statistics are enlightening: 3.790 billion people worldwide are unique mobile users and 1.968 billion are active mobile Social users (Jan 2016). Impressive, right?

linkedinMost of the Social Media networks are used for fun and entertainment however, there are a few networks that focus on the professional level. The world’s largest professional network and one of the oldest Social Media networks in general is LinkedIn. It was officially launched in May 2003 and it is based in the US. Since its launch, it shows continuous increase over time and has reached 433 million members in the 1st quarter of 2016, up from 414 million members in the preceding quarter.

LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking and its revenue comes mainly from recruiters and sales professionals . Users find it useful to enter their resume, check job posts and get found by headhunters. It is a great source of data that are updated real-time.

A large number of LinkedIn tools have already been developed with some of them being extremely useful. Such tools are developed by our team of experts at Besttoolbars. Our company specializes in the development of a LinkedIn toolbar that improves enterprise value and customer experience for online businesses.


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