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Browser Extensions and Add-ons Development: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.
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Ads Injection Browser Add-ons for Online Advertising

With browser add-ons you can increase your display network audience, and click-through rate.

Common Features for Online Advertising Browser Add-ons

While powerful in their own right, including further functionality and additional features is proven to boost user engagement. Each of these popular features can be included with all of Besttoolbars developed add-ons:

In-Text Ads Injection

  • The add-on will highlight words in articles on the web. Upon hovering over the highlighted words an injected balloon will appear, displaying an ad related to that keyword.

Search Engine Page Results Ads Injection

There're billions of web searches conducted every month. By means of a browser plug-in you can inject your ads on the search results pages, next to the regular ads of the search engine.
  • Display targeted ads based on search query keywords.
  • Your ads are always shown on the top of search results page, where end users expect to see them.
  • This allows you to get more impressions and higher Click-Through Rates.

DNS redirect page / Default homepage

Browser add-on allows you to show your custom web page as a default homepage of the browser. You also can display your custom page with ads instead of browser's default DNS error page which is shown when browser can not load a site.

Single all-browser installer

While you can deploy your add-ons to official browser web stores, we can build a single installer which makes distribution of your add-on even easier. Our research has shown that a single silent installer increases both user take up levels and user engagement with your coupons.
  • With a single silent installer, the user runs a single .exe file to install the add-on across all major browser platforms (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) available on the user's computer. Zero interaction is required by the user.
  • Having the silent single installer, you can bundle it with some third party software to distribute the add-on.
  • Our statistics show that audience coverage is increased by an average of 72% - 95% when browser add on development includes cross-browser publication. This makes a single all-browser installer a very powerful tool that can be used to increase your add-ons success from day one.

Key Benefits of Working with Besttoolbars

  • You own the source code of the add-on, so you fully control your business. You can maintain your add-on with your in-house development team, or you can use us as an extension to your development team.
  • Our solution is cross browser and works on all major browsers: IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera. This helps you to maximize the audience coverage.
  • No royalties, or recurring license costs. You pay for development as you go.
  • Our vast experience in building cashback add-ons and knowledge of best practices in that field allows us to make valuable suggestions to your business.

More than 7000 companies use Besttoolbars solutions:

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  • You control your destiny. You'll own the source code of your add-on.
  • Our cross-browser solutions support all major browsers: IE,FF,Chrome,Safari,Opera
  • No royalties. You pay only for development.
  • We have a huge experience in building cashback add-ons.