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BestToolBars  is here to help you with this important task. We have all the high-tech tools and advanced infrastructure to build the ideal browser for your business. Contact us and we will start working on your interesting project asap. Your impeccable browser will become our mission.

We offer a wide variety of professional services to help you, our clients on How to make your own browser that will cover your unique needs. Moreover, we provide assistance with planning, deployment, implementation, optimization, and training so our clients can focus on what they do best: their business.

Browsers, this massively used internet tool, dominate the software market. Almost all people connected to the internet via a desktop or laptop use a browser. Even owners of mobile devices use a web browser to a large extent.
According to Internet Live Stats, there are 3,423,754,700 internet users worldwide. Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today whilst in 1995, it was less than 1% . Now, imagine the vast amount of web browser users all over the world.

Custom Browser Create

The web browsers with the highest usage are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox Opera, and Microsoft Edge. As NetMarketShare published, their usage share per browser is the following (June 2016) :

  • browserChrome 49.4%
  • Internet Explorer 23.3%
  • Safari 10.9%
  • Firefox 5.9%
  • Microsoft Edge 3.9%
  • Other 6.4%

With such a high usage of web browsers, the issues of online security and privacy are imminent. Especially in the business world where sensitive data are exchanged online. The key characteristics of a good and reliable web browser for business purposes are compatibility, popularity, security and privacy, number of apps and extensions, and mobile synchronization .

More and more businesses worldwide choose to proceed with a tailor-made browser that will completely cover their unique mix of needs. There are several options on how to make your own browser with some of them being very effective. BestToolBars is one of the top companies that specialize in and can help you make browser.

How to create a browser? Just ask us at BestToolBars to build your own browser. We have worked with many companies all over the world, from startups to high-profile Fortune 500 corporations, including Amazon, Skype, IBM, DHL, TNT, Intel, and many others. More than 7,000 companies use our products. “How to make a browser” is your concern? Wait no longer. Contact us to start building it right away.

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