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CRM Software

is a service for collecting of customer experience.

Our solutions will be integrated by August 11 (we need 20 hours to integrate with your business) together with integration we test the solution. It works on all browsers – one code – a framework and mobile devices. We have launched many releases with various clients – so we react immediately to any updates or third parties – we provide support.

crm software

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Connect until August 31 receive 3 months of free support for an integrated solution.

Feedback System helps you develop and maintain an application

CRM Software review allows you to receive and analyze the following information:

  • Customer reviews, and the name of the problem, date, evaluation of your application and other parameters. All this makes it possible to be the best in the eyes of your users, as soon as you find out the problem it can be immediately corrected.
  • You get the opportunity to sort the received data (by date, rating, project, etc.) and react to popular feedbacks first.
  • The system automatically forms statistics, so that you are always aware of progress

Why should you use this system?

Here are the opinions of users of different applications:

“I like when my wishes are taken into account by the developers, I want to use this product”

“The developers respond to question it in time and support the feedback. Failures in the work of the extension, it’s not a problem. The developers d hear their users, they not lose them”

“Toolbars Studio Inc. are developers who value their users and always monitor their products for efficiency”

“The product is wonderful and well updated – I always advise it to my friends.”

This system is connected simply enough (via the API) to any application, be it a site, browser extension or mobile application.

You can see the presentation of the system by viewing the presentation

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