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Solutions for search engines

Increase search volume and user loyalty with a custom search toolbar

Many search engines use toolbars built with the Besttoolbars platform. Toolbars can increase overall site traffic, make users more sticky, and give you greater insight into how visitors use your service.

Increase search volume and user stickiness
Provide your users with instant searching from the toolbar.

Reinforce your search engine brand
Toolbar provides a continuous reminder of your search engine in the user's browser.

Provide richer site interaction for searchers
Toolbar is a desktop application that integrates seamlessly with your search engine.

Communicate more effectively
Reach your users directly with high impact video, audio, and text messages. Send special offers, promotions, and relevant news items to your users´ desktop.

Get insight into your customers´ habits
Toolbar Server provides detailed statistics on user searches and other toolbar activities.

Featured Customer: Web.De

Web.de is the largest German portal and search engine. Besttoolbars built a toolbar for Web.de to integrate the user's browser with Web.de search capabilities. The toolbar enables the user to start a Web.de search from any place he is currently browsing by simply typing a search string in the toolbar for on-click access to the WEB.DE catalog pages.

Featured Customer: Vivisimo

In 2004 Vivísimo decided to take its search technology to the web under the Clusty name. Clusty queries several top search engines and combines the results. Instead of delivering millions of search results in one long list, Clusty groups similar results together into clusters.

Besttoolbars developed a toolbar to help Vivisimo bring its search closer to clients by putting it right into the browser.

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