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How to increase your revenue

How to increase your revenue

Technically the main direction of the revenue increase is a growth of user’s retention. But it sounds easier than it works. Below are several main triggers that you should care about if you’re really interested in growth of your revenue:

  • Shopping trip should start from your solution, or at least it should interact with user shopping. That means that people are got used to a usual ads mechanics and do not usually pay attention to them, but if you manage to show a regular user that you’re able to bring any significant profit efficiently, easy and during the time when it’s needed exactly it will work both on your and your user’s benefit.

  • Cover more country/language/regions is always efficient. Even if you already have a good level of revenue and incomes that’s not the reason to stop growing. You may not even know that a big part of your target audience is sitting abroad and waiting for you to appear. Do not lose your time.

  • You also may reduce expenses on servers by using more cloud-friendly solutions – This is more like an additional advice to the previous step. You’ll definitely need more technical resources if your audience and revenue will grow because it’s definitely increasing the pressure on the servers, but now in many cases it’s cheaper, safer and more efficient to have the system of cloud friendly solutions. This technology already proved that it may work in a very large specter of cases so yours is definitely not the exception.

Be ready to expand. Be ready to handle highroad and spikes – No one is saying that this way is going to be easy but no one also says that you should hold your position. We’re showing the ways how you can take what’s yours and how to make it work good and fast. Our our ideas, technologies and products proved that they can increase your ARPU on +300% only during 10 months. Isn’t that a reason to move on

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